Best Android Apps For Musicians

In the dark ages, musicians had only one choice for tuning their instrument. The tuning fork was all they needed to get the guitar sounding right. We too often think that our fancy electronics make things easier, when in fact, they can do the opposite. When relying on a device to ‘listen for you’ it gets easier to become lazy in our critical hearing skills. The tuning fork has no visual feedback, which forces the guitarist to listen intensely. This is the missing link between becoming a better player.For the average person, music helps relax the mind and calm the senses. For the music enthusiasts, lively beats and interesting words bring inspiration and entertainment. Is music limited to radios, guitar tuner, televisions and music players? Definitely not, for even the smallest of gadgets are completely capable of playing your favorite tunes. With the rise of smartphones and tablet PCs, listening to music must be a crucial feature. Most smartphones, tablet PCs and other portable gadgets run on a particular operating system, and Android is undoubtedly leading the race. The Android Market boasts of thousands of applications, and a considerable chunk of these is dedicated to all the music lovers all over the world. Apart from guitar players, what other applications are dedicated to music? Here are the 5 best musical instrument applications for your Android gadget: JCI Piano Chords If you cannot afford a grandiose piano, this piano application will do. Created exclusively for all piano enthusiasts, the JCI Piano Chords application allows you to master the black-and-white musical keys, at least in a virtual way. Release yourself from the tension and play soft tunes, or excite yourself with pleasantly loud rhythms. With this application, you can adjust the reverb mix, roll keys and record anything that you have practiced. Harmonica The harmonica is a lovely instrument capable of creating captivating tunes. The simple use of your lips is enough to create rhythms that are very pleasant to the ears. How can you play this virtually, through your Android gadget? Technology should never be underestimated because you can now play this instrument using your handheld device. The Harmonica application boasts of a diatonic harmonica with 10 genuine holes. You can play single notes and chords with this virtual instrument, as all the 12 keys from can be used. String Guitar Tuner App The guitar is indeed one of the most popular musical instruments. Fortunately, those who cannot bring themselves to learn the art of strumming will find Guitar: Solo a more enjoyable experience. This is great for jamming sessions if bringing a guitar is impossible. You can use this application to play your favorite hits and create your own songs. The user interface is also customizable, so you can change the settings any time you want.